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7/14/08 10:01:22PM
This is such a bad thing IMO. Not that the rule changes are necessarily that bad themselves... I think the smothering rule is retarded, the elbow rule is good (california has decided not to adopt this one), the weight classes are pointless, and not a whole lot else changed. My main problem is that these changes are being implemented by a BOXING commission full of people who know nothing at all about the sport AND different commissions are picking and choosing what rules they do and don't want. One referee famous for creating a tagline giving them suggestions isn't good enough.

It's like having a basketball committee voting on rule changes for baseball because both sports use a ball. It's stupid and they're already making way more stupid and/or pointless decisions than good ones. It's a slippery slope. They are different sports and MMA is popular enough that it doesn't need to be affiliated with boxing anymore to gain legitimacy. Taking their scoring, their judges, their athletic commissioners, eventually it's going to be the promoters and all of the other crap that ruined the sport as well. MMA needs to start defining itself and separating from the boxing community.

It's also insane for california to be coming up with one definition for the back of the head and Nevada with another, as well as one changing the elbow rule and the other not, and one adding weight classes and the other not. What the hell are fighters supposed do about this? Oh well in one city I'm not allowed to have my arm at a certain angle when throwing elbows... but wait which city has the mowhawk strip and which one defines everything behind the ears as being the back of the head? Sounds like a lot of fun information to be thinking about in the middle of a fight.

These guys are idiots and they shouldn't be making decisions that effect other people. They know absolutely nothing about the sport.
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