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5/2/13 2:59:23AM
It was a subdued and respectful final press conference in Las Vegas today between Robert Guerrero and Floyd Mayweather Jr., that is until Ruben Guerrero, the father of Robert got on stage.

5/2/13 3:34:47AM

That was awesome.

It's too bad Floyd is probably going to smoke him.
5/2/13 4:42:36AM
love it! i hope he brings a good fight to mayweather. i hate floyd, but i sure do love to watch him box.
5/2/13 5:39:15AM
The color of money is green
Floyd is lean
And come Saturday, Guerrero will be no morerrero

When your the best boxer in the world gentleman, they have a name for you.....MAYWEATHER.
5/2/13 9:53:29AM
Dude's Dad is a real Chicano...Fucking hillarious!!
5/2/13 10:26:52AM
That was awesome. Now that's some excellent shit talking.
Sunday ESPN kept airing some bs interview with Steven A Smith and Mayweather. He kept asking him how hard the prison sentence was and if Mayweather was still Mayweather. It's like they completely ignored why he was there in the first place and allowed him to play the victim card as if the world had turned against him due to no fault of his own.
5/2/13 11:27:07AM
I thought I saw the mother of all dad tirades when Angel Garcia was talking shit about Zab Judah at the pre fight presser recently, but Ruben does it better in significantly less time. He's doing what he needs to do for Robert to win this fight. Robert's not going to outbox Floyd, he needs to turn it into a brawl. That's how he beat Berto and Ruben is trying to get into his head.
5/2/13 12:30:42PM
dela hoya had no clue what to do
5/2/13 5:03:22PM
Oh da lay!
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5/2/13 7:38:34PM
WOWWWWWWW! Guerrero has the coolest dad in the world

Can't wait for this fight! Praying for an upset
5/4/13 2:50:38AM
lol he completely lost his shit hahahaha !!
5/4/13 3:16:24AM
Hope Mayweather gets beat down but doubt it