Which Rubber match would you like to see most?

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2/15/08 11:11:08PM
Here's a few that i think would be very exciting and interesting.....

Wanderlei vs. Henderson3
BJ Penn vs. Matt Hughes3
Wanderlei vs. Cro Cop3(technically)
Diego vs. Koscheck3(technically)
Kevin Randleman vs. Cro Cop3
Big Nog vs. Barnett3
2/15/08 11:12:38PM
penn/hughes 3 (penn wins)
hendo/wandy 3 (dont know)
would also like to see barnett/nog 3 (nog wins)
2/15/08 11:29:38PM
Hughes/Pen or Barney /Nog from the list . to close to call.
Bas/K.Shamrock of any though. I'd take Bas this time
2/15/08 11:34:15PM

Posted by chickmagnet

Here's a few that i think would be very exciting and interesting.....

Wanderlei vs. Henderson3
BJ Penn vs. Matt Hughes3
Wanderlei vs. Cro Cop3(technically)
Diego vs. Koscheck3(technically)
Kevin Randleman vs. Cro Cop3
Big Nog vs. Barnett3

I'd say out of those i'd like to see Wandy vs Hendo 3 and BJ vs Hughes 3
2/15/08 11:41:40PM
Kos vs. Diego (technically rubber match)
Sergei vs. Allistair Overeem
Arona vs. Wanderlei
2/16/08 1:04:12AM
Wanderlei vs. Henderson3

This would be another WAR IMO. Both are very hungry after losses and are looking to prove they still got it. But I would take Hendo in this fight just because all the slugging Wandy does seems to be taking effect since he's not as aggressive as he once was. Maybe Cro Cop knocked the aggression out of him? because both Hendo and even counter puncher Chuck Liddell was more aggressive which screwed him from the start.

BJ Penn vs. Matt Hughes3

I've saying Hughes is overrated for months. He wasn't overrated before but people still have him in there top 3 and I think that's a little too high. He dominated the one dimensional era but now everybodies well rounded. if he can't out wrestle you or get the first takedown, your going to win that fight. BJ's focused now and when he's focused, he showed what he can do against Jens and Joe. BJ by domination, 1st round sub.

Wanderlei vs. Cro Cop3(technically)

What's so technical about it, it is there third fight? I'd take Cro Cop for the same reasons. He's determined like he was the night of the OWGP but Wandy is motivated to stop losing so that woudl be a WAR! That Cro Cop wins by KO in the 1st.

Diego vs. Koscheck3(technically)

OMG that last fight was BULLshit. Diego lost most his strength from staph infection and almost retired the night before. STILL he was pressing and still put on a close fight. The only reason Kos one was because Diego was too weak and out boxed him with jabs like Floyd Mayweather. A healthy Diego and an even more determined Diego will murder him straight SCHOOL him in the art of MMA. Complete annihilation!!! Diego by decision, a DOMINANT one.

Kevin Randleman vs. Cro Cop3

I think this should happen next year after they go on big winning streaks in 08 and show everyone they still got it. With the move to Xtreme Couture with Randy in his corner I think he will bring the ACTUAL MONSTER out of the monster Kevin Randleman. I wouldn't know who to choose in this fight, that's how good I think kevin is and will be right now with that fight camp switch. I think since I'm a HUGE fan of Kevin, I'd pick him by 2nd round GNP KO or 1st if it's a 10 minute 1st round.

Big Nog vs. Barnett3

This would be the Arturo Gattin-Mickey Ward or Fraizer-Ali triology in MMA! All the fights are WARS!!! Both fights were non-stop action classics IMO and this would be another. I would take Nog by decision though just for the fact Josh does not seem all that into MMA anymore and I still think Fedor is the only man that can beat Nog.

But out of all of them if Diego proves he's back to that dominant self he once was that got him 19 straight wins, I would want to see him dominate Kos the most. But if he does not show that I would rather see the Randleman-Cro Cop fight or maybe that's cause I'm a bigger Randleman fan
2/16/08 2:28:41PM
Probably Penn/Hughes, or Hendo/Wandy either way I'm happy. I also think Kos/Diego would be much better then the last time.
2/16/08 2:59:46PM
barnett vs. nog or penn vs. hughes, the previous two bouts between those guys were awesome and i definitely want to see it again.
2/16/08 3:12:00PM
I have no interest in seeing any of the rematches listed on this thread so far.
The only rematch I can possibly think of would be a rematch between Griffin and Jardine (and that is only if they both win their next fights).

I generally don't like the idea of rematches since we don't get to see guys fight that often, and I would prefer to see them fight as many different people as necessary. I think there should be at least a 3-4 fight gap between any rematches and only take place if they are necessary in determining contendership.

That being said, there are obvious times where a rematch is needed as the freak cut eyelid early in Couture/Belfort and the quick NC in Nog/Fedor I.
2/16/08 4:44:01PM
arona / wanderlei
barnett / nogueira
kawajiri / gomi
2/16/08 5:40:34PM
Peter Aerts and Mike Bernardo is a dream match for me. They are 3/3, Aerts one won, lost 3 in a row (he actually fought Bernardo 3 times in a row, and lost all 3, no other opponents in between, how soul destroying) then won the last two later on his career.

Aerts is obviously the better kickboxer, he succeeded where Bernardo failed and won 3 GPs, but Mike really fought his best when was up against Aerts. Don't know why, but Aerts always got the best out of Mike, but Mike couldnt get the best out of Aerts, that said, Aerts didnt need his best to beat Mike.

As far as rematches go, its not a rubber match, but I'd love to see Jerome demolish Abidi again. I know Jerome's face was messed up from the headbutts, but my god he hammered Abidi for 5 rounds, before a ref stoppage in the final seconds. He has nothing left to prove by fighting Abidi, but that fight was the only fight I've seen where Abidi looked like he cared about winning. And he still hasnt stopped running his big mouth, if Jerome didnt have his sights set on the SHW belt, they should throw Abidi to the lions and make him fight Jerome again.
2/16/08 6:00:04PM
id rather see the bad blood between silva and rampage start again
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