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6/8/09 8:21:43PM
Former IFL Heavyweight Champion Roy "Big Country" Nelson and UFC veteran Wes Sims will join Kimbo Slice on the cast for The Ultimate Fighter Season 10: The Heavyweights, a source close to the show confirmed to **********.com.
6/8/09 8:31:47PM
awesome , just great news . roy nelson would knock kimbo TFO
6/8/09 8:33:48PM
Wow, there's truly an all-star cast this season.
6/8/09 8:36:32PM
I cant wait, this is going to be an explosive season. I pick Nelson as the early favorite.
6/8/09 9:02:21PM
This season is going to kick freakin ass. I cant wait to see simms again and the chance of him fighting kimbomakes me like this even more.
6/8/09 9:04:11PM
ya looks like we can cross kimbo off the list as a potential winner knowing these two guys are on the show (I'm sure there will be several other guys who can beat him too).
6/8/09 9:16:31PM
This will go down as one of the best seasons...without a doubt...Rampage, rashad, Kimbo, big Country....need I say more?
6/8/09 9:20:41PM
ROY NELSON! He's going to win this season.
6/8/09 9:25:39PM
I can't believe that they're bringing Wes Simms back, that is a scumbag in my opinion, look at the Mir fight, and the second Gracie fight for example. I think Nelson takes the show.
6/8/09 9:26:12PM
Tha's funny, since the UFC wanted to sign Roy previously but the stipulation was that he lost the gut. Roy strikes me as having a strong personality for TV--so should be interesting.
6/8/09 9:29:48PM
Wow, put Nelson on a show where half the fighters ground game consists of a three point stance?

he could easily run the table.
6/8/09 9:45:31PM
Roy Nelson is going to make it to the finals pretty easy.

6/8/09 9:55:27PM
I've never been a fan of reality tv. In fact, I lothe and dispise the very concept. I find it to be a horrendous errosion of our entertainment industry. And I'm quite certain it's played a role in the genicidal retardation of our culture.

I've never watched a single episode of this show. Never intended on starting either. But the shear concept of someone pissing in Big Country's corn flakes has me quite excited.
6/8/09 9:58:10PM
Too Bad they couldn't wait a month for Lashly...
6/8/09 10:04:49PM
Throw in Tim Sylvia and we have a comeback season. lol
6/8/09 10:08:45PM
does anyone know the full cast for this season?
6/8/09 10:10:07PM
This TUF season looks to be an exciting one!
6/8/09 10:10:38PM
best season ever i hope!!
6/8/09 10:40:07PM
Wow. Roy Nelson is going to smash some fools. Can you say Redneck White American vs. Ghetto Black American in a brawl to take it all? haha the UFC must be loving this upcoming season

For once I'm excited to see how it all goes down in the house. I mean, the sheer amount of egos between ex-NFL players, MMA stars, and streetfighting legends all locked up nut to butt in that house. Wow, it's going to be good.
6/8/09 11:03:21PM
it will be interesting with all the personalities in the house,
6/8/09 11:19:07PM
This season just keeps getting better and better.
6/8/09 11:20:34PM
its going to be really interesting...
6/9/09 12:33:25AM
Going to be a good season. Feel bad for the up and coming guys who got on the show.
6/9/09 12:57:48AM
I'm thinking these 2 to do well
Brendan Schaub
Darrill Schoonover[
6/9/09 1:19:51AM
Nice way to flood the HW division with talent.

I can see half of TUF 10's competitors being signed up to UFC contracts here.
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