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POLL: Who wins it, and how?
Nelson (T)KO 39% (15)
Nelson Submission 0% (0)
Nelson Decision 29% (11)
Struve (T)KO 13% (5)
Struve Submission 11% (4)
Struve Decision 8% (3)
2/19/10 3:36:18PM
I got quite excited upon hearing this fight announcement. I was up in Indy for the Colts Broncos game, and the night before we were at Buffalo Wild Wings watching UFC 107. We got there in the middle of the first round of Stefan Struve's fight with Buentello.

After the fight I looked at my friend Keith and said, "You know what would be a fun fight? Struve and Nelson. The physical matchup alone is worth watching."

I think this fight is very intriguing and will tell us a lot about both fighters. Will Nelson be able to use his side control to get a crucifix on such a lanky fighter? Struve's no slouch on the ground either. Will Nelson be able to close the distance? I just don't know where this fight will end up.

As of right now I will give the edge to Nelson due to experience and ground control. But Struve is very capable off of his back, as we've seen.

What do you guys think?
2/19/10 3:53:10PM
Im sure Nelson wont be scared of Struve's power and will just wade in and loop that right hand until he connects or gets close enough for the take down and GnPs for the win.
2/19/10 4:12:17PM
really hopin 4 nelson 2get taken out here!
i think nelson will struggle 2 close the gap, and his ground control wont b as effective against sum1 struves size, so im thinkin he will get tired and reckless in round 2 and get caught and KO!!
2/19/10 6:59:06PM
It's a close fight but I'm pretty confident in Country going the distance and taking a decision with his ground and pound.
2/19/10 7:30:10PM
i think reach and height is too much
if it goes to ground, struve is so limber he could easily put roy in triangle
i don't know
2/19/10 8:40:06PM
Roy's BJJ is apparently very under rated. If he can get this to the ground, he wins this fight. Probably by UD.
2/19/10 11:52:39PM

Posted by gspfan

Roy's BJJ is apparently very under rated. If he can get this to the ground, he wins this fight. Probably by UD.

If you haven't yet, watch Nelson's Grappler's Quest match with Frank Mir. Roy is no joke on the ground. He's very technically sound, and, all kidding aside, the belly helps a lot with control.
2/20/10 12:30:32AM
Struve has a lot of potential for sure, but he doesn't seem to have realized it yet. Until he learns to effectively use his massive reach on the feet I won't pick him against a veteran like Big Country.
2/20/10 1:03:22AM
Struve obviously has the height/length/reach advantage, but ultimately he is not able to use it to his advantage at this stage in his career. He isnt too nimble on his feet and doesnt have proper footwork which is the reason why it has been relatively easy for fighters to get inside his reach and be able to successfully throw strikes (Dos Santos, Buentello at times).

His guard play is akin to a "poor mans Nogueira" - which isnt necessarily a bad thing. He is fairly offensive minded in his Jiu Jitsu attacks and often works wrist control and subs, but like Nogueira he takes far too many punches from his guard. But as far as sweeps/etc go I really have a hard time Struve will be able to budge Nelson. Obviously with his leverage he could throw up a triangle of an armbar... but it is a much safer bet that Nelson outgrapples Struve.

2/20/10 2:58:54PM
Such an odd fight based on the body type of each guy. Nelson has to get the fight down because I dont think he will be able to close the distance on Struve. Struve has a really good jab and his leg kicks are good as well. But If Nelson gets the fight down I see him winning a UD or a TKO via Crucifix.
2/20/10 4:09:06PM
Man the skys the freakin limit on Struve, if he really learns how to use that jab to perfection (front kicks/leg kicks too) there might not be anyone who can strike with him based on just that. Kind of like what Semmy is doing in K-1 right now, Semmy knows his length is his biggest weapon and he uses it almost to perfection, which is a bummer for me because he's lost me money a few times.
2/20/10 9:42:48PM
Big Country TKo all the way. Struve is going to get pounded!
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