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5/28/12 5:50:33PM
Judging by the aftermath of UFC 146, Roy Nelson‘s fight against Dave Herman really was make it or break it for the former Ultimate Fighter winner.

UFC president Dana White said after the event ended that he met with Nelson along with UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta recently and had a very long talk about his future with the organization.

White says the meeting was similar to conversations he’s had about Nelson in private and public, and that his long term goals for him are always the same: take fighting more seriously, get in shape, and make a run at this thing or it may not work out.

“We had a conversation with him. I’ve said it a million times, I’ve said it to him and I’ll say it again in public, I respect him, he’s got an incredible chin, he’s got punching power, and I always talk about him taking his career serious and not training in his garage, and being in really good shape. The guy is tough,” White said after UFC 146 ended.

Nelson has never shied away from being the “every man” when it comes to his physique in MMA. He’ll probably never have six-pack abs or a chiseled frame, but Nelson goes out and fights with as much heart as anybody in the UFC.

5/28/12 5:54:47PM
Douche move on Dana's part. Who cares how the man looks? It has nothing to do with his fighting ability. He has one of the biggest hearts and chins in the sport, and he's managed to hang in there with the best thus far.

Dana doesn't like Big Country, simple as that. He made it clear while Roy was on TUF.
5/28/12 7:01:44PM
Nelsons physique is one of the reasons he's so endearing to fans like me!
5/28/12 7:05:06PM

Following the knockout, Nelson climbed the Octagon cage and shouted something in the general direction of White and Fertitta. What he said exactly isn’t known, but White gave a pretty good indication of what it was following Saturday night’s event.

Last part of the article.

Dana just finds any reason to hate on him, but he's faced the toughest opponents and hasn't got finished by them and has the KO wins.

Dana complaining about his hair.

Dana just likes his poster boys, GSP, Jones.

I hope Nelson actually said that.

Nelson takes fight more serious than Mayhem. Nelson also doesn't gas as bad as some other guys who are in better shape than him.

Nelson has one of the best chins, good power and good ground game.

So Dana should just keep his mouth shut about Nelson.
5/28/12 7:27:31PM
Dana doesn't like fat people
5/28/12 7:38:04PM
I try so hard to like Dana because he has done so much for my favorite sport, BUT mannn get off of Big Countrys case! Nelson WON his season of TUF, he goes out there & bangs with anyone they match em againt & so far he's lastest longest with JDS then anyone else on the roster!!! So what if he eats a double stackers instead of a spinach salad! It works for him! I feel Dayna holds some kind of resentment towards Big Country because no matter what he does he just can't seem to impress the ufc prez
5/28/12 7:44:33PM
I thought Roy looked slimmer in this last fight - so I really don't know where all this 'take the sport more seriously' come from.
5/28/12 7:45:12PM
Dana keeps giving chances to other exciting fighters with a fraction of the talent but won't hesitate to cut Nelson because of how he looks? I lose respect for Dana almost every single time he opens his mouth
5/28/12 8:22:23PM
What the hell is wrong with Dana White?
Get off BC's back and open your eyes and realize alot of us fans like him for who he is and not for who you WANT him to be. I mean Nelson is like the guy down the road that would work on your car,drink a case,and then work a 12 hour day. Maybe you don't like that,but at least it comes across real.
Dana kind of plays the angle that if he trained harder he would be a title contender and such but really to me,it comes across as if he's just downing his image.

Dana,I don't know Nelson personally,but he seems like a pretty cool dude.
Why not give some tough love to your LHW poster boy who just lost to a pole and gets constant criticism from fans at large for acting fake?

I mean really, if Dana presses this image down so strongly no wonder why so many of them are failing drug test.
They're scared to death of losing their jobs if they don't have a buzz cut and a six pack.
5/28/12 8:35:17PM

Posted by mrsmiley
They're scared to death of losing their jobs if they don't have a buzz cut and a six pack.

that didn't work for Mr Duffee

5/28/12 9:13:53PM

Posted by Bubbles

Posted by mrsmiley
They're scared to death of losing their jobs if they don't have a buzz cut and a six pack.

that didn't work for Mr Duffee

.............Well theirs always exceptions to the rules.
5/29/12 12:15:46AM
Dana was responding to BC when asked why he had no sponsors. Of course Dana doesnt want his professional sthletes to look like Roy does.....lets face it, he looks like a big old fat redneck. Give that guy a rebel flag and a 4x4! Great fighters wont get cut, unless they start losing.
5/29/12 1:28:19AM
Most of you guys have summed up my feelings about this.

I just want to add that whether someone gets to fight in the UFC should have more to do with their abilities to win fights and draw fans then Dana White's personal opinions of them.
5/29/12 7:46:32AM
While I agree Dana gives Nelson undue criticism, I think in Dana's own way he is trying to help out Nelson, because he knows Nelson is capable of so much more. If Roy were fitter, he'd probably be able to really piece together his skillset better. However, if Roy is content being who he is, Dana does need to back off and let the chips fall where they may.
5/29/12 8:18:07AM
You can't hang in the UFC ring if you are out of shape - especially for someone as long as Nelson has. He's a flubachub, but in great shape. I bet he's in better shape than 90% of us on here...and I'm certainly one of them
5/29/12 8:50:30AM
This is dumbasshit on danas part
5/29/12 1:16:19PM
Come on, who doesn't love this guy
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