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3/7/12 2:35:37PM
Roy Nelson is staying in the UFC’s heavyweight division for now.

UFC officials confirmed Wednesday that Nelson (16-7 MMA, 3-3 UFC) will meet Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva (16-3 MMA, 0-0 UFC) in heavyweight action at UFC 146 on May 26 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.


3/7/12 2:40:38PM
Win or go home, Roy. Good luck.
3/7/12 2:42:39PM
Snowballs chance in Hell for Roy winning this one.
3/7/12 2:50:19PM
Well, Roy looks like he's gonna hit his 100k on Facebook. I'm not sure that matters anymore with this news though...LHW seems like a sure thing with this matchup, regardless of the Facebook deal. The only way I can see him win this is finding the holes in Silva's standup that Cormier exposed.
3/7/12 2:58:40PM
Uh oh. I mean it's always fun as hell watching fat guys with a good chin throw down with someone but I'm starting to feel bad seeing him get pummeled every time he fights.

I would have rather seen Antonio fight someone like a Shane Carwin in his debut. Someone who is the same size as him with KO power.
3/7/12 3:00:49PM
Roy could be in trouble for this one...What happened to him dropping to 205
3/7/12 3:16:07PM
I'll be pulling for Roy in this one
3/7/12 3:29:02PM
Roy has the power to end Silva's night. I think it's gonna be a great fight.
3/7/12 3:45:31PM
Silva does have a big target with that big head.

Nelson never really gets any easy fights, like other TUF winners.
3/7/12 3:50:20PM
Great fight. I hope Big Country pulls it off.
3/7/12 4:27:41PM
I'd really like to see Big Country get a fight with a newcomer or something.

He's a good fighter but he's gotten shitty match-ups.

If he wants to fight for a long time though and make a serious splash in the sport, he absolutely needs to drop to 205.
3/7/12 4:45:11PM
Even if he loses, I bet Dana will give him a fight at 205 for taking this fight, they been searching awhile for an opponent for Bigfoot.
3/7/12 5:42:53PM
BigCountry versus BigFoot special guest referee The BigShow!
3/7/12 6:14:22PM
Surprised Roy is fighting big foot and not meathead or carwin
3/7/12 10:18:23PM
he should have cut to 205. i think big foot will beat roy and probably send him packing.
3/7/12 10:28:38PM
Tough match-up for Nelson
3/7/12 11:30:42PM
He'll do exactly what Cormier did.
3/8/12 1:59:55AM
Nelson's got the power to drop Silva and hes got the chin to withstand Silva's strikes. Nelson also has a solid ground game so Silva will most likely have to stand with Roy. This fight has definetly peeked my interest
3/8/12 2:49:04AM
This is a terrible match up for Nelson. Antonio Silva is a very technical striker. I think people forget how good Silva is only because he had a poor performance against Comier. Whoever set this match up must really hate Nelson.

I think Dana personally put 146 together by himself.
3/8/12 6:46:10AM

Posted by Bubbles

I'll be pulling for Roy in this one

Same, I've never liked Bigfoot for some reason
3/8/12 1:07:34PM

Posted by hotrodttt

Posted by Bubbles

I'll be pulling for Roy in this one

Same, I've never liked Bigfoot for some reason

Same. It could be the steroids, or the fact that no matter who he loses to, he refuses to give them credit. He gave Cormier all these backhanded compliments after the fight that really rubbed me the wrong way.

3/8/12 4:12:52PM
Dana gets on Roy's case to get in better shape and go to 205 and now they give him the biggest HW in the game...Roy either does what Cormier did cuz he loves his over-hand right or size gets the better of him.
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