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2/12/07 4:50:39PM
2/12/07 10:01:44PM
Here is the link for the video.

Click here.
2/13/07 10:23:59AM
Great fight :) Thx for the link...
2/16/07 8:11:42PM
Sry for double posting but I had to say it ;-) I watched 3-5 Gina Carano videos and i was soooo f..... impressed not only about her performance as a fighter but also with her personality... Her promoter said something about UFC and PrideFC after the EliteXC and im pretty sure, Dana White is all over the Women MMA and i guess we could expect women MMA in the next 3-6 UFC events. It is very sad but my respect for UFC is decreasing every day... I kinda hate that Dana is 'stealing' all the good fighters from the other organisations (He bought WFA and PrideFC said, they can't match UFC financially) and is creating some kind of monopoly.... :/ I think it's bad for the sport... I'll probably create a new topick so we can discuss this subject....
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