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4/8/08 11:10:26PM
And sounds very complimentary, according to the New York Daily News….

Jones said he was told that White stopped the match because he didn’t want to embarrass the UFC if Jones were to KO Silva in the first round of a boxing match.

4/9/08 12:03:17AM
Roy Jones is the man. That would have been a dope fight to watch, to bad we'll never see it.
4/9/08 1:04:04AM
Roy's a class act and he's right.
4/9/08 7:03:22AM
i really would have loved to see that. I would been jaw droped the whole time.
4/9/08 8:42:13AM
Fair play to Roy! Seemed a very honest summary.
4/9/08 2:50:58PM
I am glad this is not happening; not a good match for The Spider
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