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4/16/09 1:11:22PM
But this time it's not Anderson Silva or anyone from UFC. According to, Jones is being called out for a boxing match by Strikeforce's Nick Diaz. Such a fight is more likely to happen than a Silva-Jones fight because SF is more flexible about letting their guys fight elsewhere and because of their alliance with Showtime-a network that regularly shows boxing. UFC of course has neither.

4/16/09 1:25:35PM
I love Diaz but he must have been REALLY high to call out Jones like that.
4/16/09 2:09:13PM

Posted by Lethal

I love Diaz but he must have been REALLY high to call out Jones like that.

Diaz is great, but I think he would get mauled by Jones. If the match was purely boxing then Jones would completely out-class Diaz.
4/16/09 2:12:21PM
gotta love diaz, man.

i can just see him talking smack in the middle of the ring, all the while being demolished by RJJ
4/16/09 2:15:10PM

Posted by Lethal

I love Diaz but he must have been REALLY high to call out Jones like that.

To quote the famous catchphrase, "I'm Dennis Rodman", just replace Dennnis Rodman with Nick Diaz. If nothing else it might get SF more publicity that UFC's missing out on.
4/16/09 3:06:41PM
I know he had surgury on his orbital bones to make himself a little tougher to cut but while performing the surgery did they remove his memory of the KJ Noons fight?

If his style of fighting with his head straight up in the air doesn't get him KO'ed in the first, his mouth will likely get him Ko'ed in the staredown.
4/16/09 4:49:46PM
the thing that gets me about the mma fighters calling out boxers is that they are calling out guys that are clearly past their prime while they themselves are in the prime of their careers. im an mma fan first and foremost, but thats weak sauce right there. sure a past his prime boxer would probably still beat an mma guy(theres always a punchers chance so i say probably) but its not a hugely ballsy move on the mmartists part.
4/16/09 5:49:38PM
like they fighters will always beat a boxer under mma rules(unless he decides to stand-up)..and boxers will always beat mma fighters under boxin rules...
4/16/09 5:58:24PM
i havent laughed like that in a long time thankyou
4/16/09 6:20:57PM
Funny, all these guys are calling out a Roy Jones Jr that is a shell of his former self. Roy Jones is way past his prime, having said that, this Roy Jones Jr would still beat Diaz and Anderson in a boxing match convincingly.

The "Prime" Roy Jones Jr would absolutely kill these guys i nthe first round, they would not even have the right to step in the Ring with a Roy Jones Jr in his prime!!!
4/16/09 8:07:38PM
roy jones jr would beat nick diaz in a boxing match even if he was 50. all this 'calling out' boxers crap really aggravates me. NO MIXED MARTIAL ARTIST WILL EVER BEAT ANY WELL KNOWN PROFESSIONAL BOXER IN A BOXING MATCH.
4/16/09 10:56:39PM
Roy Jones is still capable of knocking down Calzaghe in round 1, and diaz has no head movement.

Plus Roy jones is bigger naturally, more power, speed, and reach.

Diaz would get stopped very early, regardless of how tough that kid is, hes taking to big of a step up.

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