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10/18/11 3:24:26PM
This is not a thread about his recent ADCC matches...

I've been doing a little (perhaps very little) lifting for a few years. I'm working on the basics of developing good form. I believe I can only dream of having an upper and mid-back like this guy. How in the world does he do it? Is he just a freak of nature? Does he have an insane workout regimen in addition to his BJJ/MMA skills training?

Assuming he does no roids (correct or not) what lifts is someone going to have to do get the upper/mid development like this? Is it mostly his lats that give him that thickness?

10/18/11 5:36:04PM
I'm assuming he has good genes. Add lifelong grappling and (assuming) weight training for grappling to the mix and're built like a tree trunk.

Weight training for grappling consists primarily of the pulling exercises. Biceps, lats, back, and core training. I'm sure he works his lats, but he has some serious thickness throughout his back. I'm sure he does a variety of row exercises on top of dead lifts.
10/18/11 6:04:00PM
His shoulders are naturally wide, which allows for more muscle to grow along the back on it's own.

He's said he spent many years lifting cement bags, and working the fields. So i assume that has something to do with it as well.

But if you're looking for exercises to build the back. Pull-ups, Dips, and resistance workouts where you extend your arm away from your body.
10/18/11 6:41:47PM
Toquinho should be casted in the upcoming 'Avengers' film.....dude has a superhero-villian body.
10/18/11 7:35:00PM
shadows also magnify your muscle tone, thats why douche bag lifters take pictures of themselves in the mirror with low lighting and the flash on.
Not saying he's not a beast, the guy is ripped, but his back is heavily shadowed in that picture
10/18/11 9:51:00PM
Yeah, but look how far his Lats go down his back. I've only ever seen that elsewhere with Shogun. They literally touch his hips.
10/18/11 10:11:30PM
Good comments. Those lats amaze me. I'm tallish and thin, never wrestled, and I know I'll never look like him, but I want to do what I can.

I've started deadlifting since it seems to be one of the essentials. I regularly do dips. I do shrugs and it seems to work the upper traps (between neck and top of shoulder). I dread pull ups...mostly because I know it's a weak spot for me. I have to get beyond my hatred for them.

I guess what I'm mostly missing is rows. Particularly barbell rows. Would I be correct in saying that they would hit the lats and the lower portion of the traps that is between the shoulder blades?

10/19/11 2:24:39PM

Posted by scoozna

Would I be correct in saying that they would hit the lats and the lower portion of the traps that is between the shoulder blades?

You can hit different parts of the back by doing different types of rows. To get that overlap between the upper back and the traps, upright rows would be your best bet.
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