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8/21/08 12:54:37AM
8/21/08 1:33:08AM
If you hear his story, and look at the dump he lives in. You just got the feeling he will end up winning this fight. I have seen a ton of his fights, and i believe in this kid. I really hope he pulls off the upset, hope he can make it on the 1st floor when he moves.
8/21/08 4:33:45AM
I'm really torn over this match. I'm a huge fan of Hendo and don't want to see him lose 3 straight, but I'd also really like to see Palhares succeed. Toquinho is such a strong grappler and BJJ practioner its just a pleasure to see him fight becuase you never know what crazy sub he's going to pull out of nowhere. I also think he's one of the few fighter's with a solid chance to dethrone Silva.
8/21/08 7:25:24AM
im picking Palhares. its only because Hendo could be second guessing his ground game after Silva. And Palhares is an animal, just have to see if he can take punches.
8/21/08 9:24:41AM
Palhares is an animal, its hard to see 3 losses in a row for Hendo but it's gonna happen...
8/21/08 4:39:17PM
i want Palhares to win (one of the greatest stories of mma). Hell i've even picked him for the underdog bonus. But this is DAN HENDERSON! If i had to put real money on this fight i'd put it on Hendo.
8/21/08 5:45:51PM
I like Rousmir as much of the next guy but the guy is fighting Dan Henderson people. He's lost before and never second guessed himself. He has amazing submission defense and in order for Palhares to win he's got to take Henderson down....which is no easy feet.

The fight starts standing and is gonna end standing imo.....well Henderson will be standing and as suck as it is to say Palhares is going to be on the ground.
8/21/08 11:04:54PM
Anyone that has death playing in the background has my vote, and to me he looks like one of those brazilians with a granite chin, id take hendo by decision
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