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8/27/12 6:13:49PM

Aug 27, 2012 - Drug testing for the August 18 Strikeforce: Rousey vs. Kaufman event in San Diego has been classified as "invalid," the California state athletic commission (CSAC) told media members on Monday afternoon.

The commission would not comment any further, with a spokesperson saying, "we have no additional information" when asked for further details. An "invalid" test is one in which a laboratory is prevented from obtaining a valid result due to any number of circumstances surrounding it.
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8/27/12 6:48:41PM
Apparently the guy that took Ryan Braun's sample found work in Cali.
8/27/12 7:14:49PM
CSAC needs an overhaul. Seems like they're always balking something.
8/27/12 7:35:46PM
Can you imagine the backlash if Miss Ronda pisses hot?

I question her diet of drinking Coffee all day and eating only one meal a day - - - I hope that one meal is Mean Streets Pizza
8/27/12 9:25:39PM
Now the results are valid again. Nothing fishy going on.