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12/22/11 9:03:16AM
"I think it's just too soon marketing-wise," Rousey told ( "I know that I'm capable of beating any woman in the world at any moment, but I think that if me and Cris 'Cyborg' were to fight today, I don't think that many people would be hyped up about it or be looking forward to it. That's why I've been so adamant about moving down at getting the belt at 135 first so when a fight between me and Cris 'Cyborg' does eventually happen, it will be a big deal."

It's an interesting point, especially when one considers Santos recently fought for the first time in 18 months and that the future of female fighting was uncertain until this past week, when UFC president Dana White confirmed Strikeforce would indeed remain operational for the foreseeable future.

12/22/11 2:21:22PM
The article doesn't even mention Rousey's first name. I can't stand MMA journalism. It is terrible.
12/22/11 2:24:02PM

Posted by Sir_Karl

The article doesn't even mention Rousey's first name. I can't stand MMA journalism. It is terrible.

I didn't link it to the actual article. I linked it to the blurb that posted about it. They *did* link to the original article where they did mention her first name.

That's my bad.
12/22/11 9:03:12PM
Id love to see Rousey get a crack at cyborg, it would be an interesting match up. Not to mention there is no one out there better fit for the fight in my opinion!

12/22/11 9:33:53PM
I will never pick a woman to beat Cyborg.
12/22/11 10:55:30PM
i do think that if cyborg was to be upset by another female fighter it could be rousey, but i would no doubt pick cyborg to win that fight. i think rousey is a badass fighter, but she would probably get mauled on the feet by cyborg. if it went to the ground of against the cage i could see rousey could win, but not yet. we'll see in the future though, i always got love for an American fighter over a Brazilian even if i dont think they will win, especially an Olympian like rousey
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