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2/29/08 11:42:53PM
ok i do a few martial arts. boxing, kickboxing, wrestling(folk, but over the summer i do freestyle adn greco roman), and BJJ. that gives me punching, kickibg(high and low) take downs, and grappling. what else do i need? clinch? wat martial arts teach that? thanks.
3/1/08 2:45:01AM
Hey bro.

How long have you been at each of those? I seem to recall you've done boxing for awhile, but just started into martial arts and wrestling. Before you "round yourself out" you really need to become proficient at one or two things, and then maybe start some heavy sparring to see where you're weak, and take your direction from there.
3/1/08 4:00:47AM
LOL well if you do Greco over the summer you should know that it teaches the clinch.

Aside from that you can learn knees and all that stuff from the clinch in traditional MT schools. Watch out for American Kickboxing schools, though.. they won't teach much about the knees and elbows in the clinch.

3/1/08 1:01:30PM
thanks guys. yah i have had alot of boxing. wrestling ihave only done for 6 monhts including one wrestling season. the club im joining soon teaches freestyle adn greco roman wrestling. i have done BJJ for about 6 months aswell. and finally i am starting american kickboxing soon. they teach international rules so low kicks are allowed as well as using the shin.
3/1/08 1:05:24PM
imo danny81, ive read a lot of your post and a lot are on training. i think what you should do is work a few things at a time and get them good then go to the next thing but dont stop trainng what you know. keep working hard and you will do fine
3/1/08 11:03:03PM
ok thanks bro
3/2/08 7:46:02PM
i agree with everyone else if you focus on three things, id focus on muay thai/wrestling/jits and learn it well then you will be fine. sounds like you are already doing that with boxing and kickboxing instead of muay thai which is probably a function of the schools near you and personal preference. if you want to be well rounded work your boxing/wrestling and jits and you will be fine. add in some low kicks and you will really be on to something. down the road you can start to add in judo etc but right now it will probably hurt as much as it will help as there are only so many hours in the day and spreading yourself any thinner is just gonna make it harder to focus on the things that are important.
3/4/08 10:14:02PM
kickboxing is international rules so we learn low kicks and high kicks
3/5/08 2:54:19PM
i don't understand the reason with worrying about rounding yourself out when in a sense you're already round because you don't have that much experience in any single discipline.
3/13/08 3:02:26PM
i suggest you wrestle, you can build on that later on and wrestling programs tend to be very good for muscle conditioning and endurance
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