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6/27/08 3:43:03PM
To most passengers who were hustling to their gates at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, the two large men eating lunch together didn’t merit so much as a second glance.

But those who know mixed martial arts had to do a double take when they walked by and saw Ben Rothwell and Andrei Arlovski sharing a quiet meal together while awaiting a flight to Chicago

6/27/08 3:51:25PM
I like this fight a lot. I think Rothwell is going to bring it.
6/27/08 3:54:36PM
Good article. Iam curious to see how good Rothwell is. We will find out on July 19th. He definetly has skills, and has a good camp. Arlovski gives him a whole new type of fighter to prepare for and compete against. It will be a good test and measuring stick to find out more about Ben Rothwell the fighter.
6/27/08 4:08:44PM
I think we are going to see the Arlovski of old in this fight......Rothwell is definately going to push the pace......
6/27/08 4:20:54PM
Very Exciting fight for all the IFL fans here. Rothwell is a massive asswipe, but he's a tough bastard.

FYI - He lost that fight to Roy Nelson, bad judges decision. watch it. Rothwell couldn't even keep his hands up at the end, Nelson was picking him apart. After the fight Rothwell's face looked like he just stuck it in a combine.
6/27/08 9:27:36PM
I don't see how Rothwell will be able to deal with Arlovski's speed. It is going to be hard for him to keep up the pace Arlovski is going to bring.
6/27/08 11:34:41PM
Arlovski is gonna have a problem with Bens reach and power. But Rothwell has a cardio problem. He looks savage and invincible the first 2 rounds, round 3 he can't even hold his hands up.

Arlovski for the 3rd round KO.
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