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9/5/09 11:57:19PM

Super heavyweight Ross "The Grizzly" Clifton, an eight-year veteran of MMA best known for his TKO loss to Ken Shamrock at "Wargods" in February, has passed away from an apparent heart attack. He was 32 years old.

Clifton's former trainer, UFC veteran Cal Worsham, said the Rancho Cordova fighter was found dead by his wife Friday morning. Clifton was reportedly watching TV in a recliner chair when the wife went to bed Thursday night.

Official details of Clifton's death were not readily available.

Clifton ran a small MMA school called "Grizzly's Den" in nearby Cameron Park and last fought in July, losing by TKO to Rick Vardell at Gladiator Challenge: Total Recall.
9/6/09 12:15:11AM
I hate to see an MMA related death of any kind. But this can't be a black mark on MMA. Clifton a SHW had to have known that he was putting his heart to the test with out losing any weight and training? I hope his family can bounce back fom this and prosper. Hate to lose a father that early in life.
9/6/09 1:09:11AM
thoughts and prayers are with his family.

hate to see people go so early.
9/6/09 7:55:49AM
That's a shame,he seemed like a really nice guy.His loved ones are in my thoughts and prayers.

9/6/09 9:13:33AM
It's even sadder when someone dies of something so preventable.
9/6/09 9:36:16AM
Unfortunately it's the type of thing that can happen to anyone, no matter how healthy or physically fit you are.

(PS-Link in first post doesn't work)
9/6/09 1:17:47PM
Sad to hear. My thoughts go out to his loved ones. His weight was an obvious factor in his death. While it may be "preventable"...obesity and food addiction can be the toughest drug to defeat. We all have to eat. As a 200lber who used to weigh 400lbs...I know about obesity. Imagine a crack head who had to smoke a limited amount of crack in order to survive? Or an alcoholic who had to have only a few drinks a day to live...but not too many. You can't stop eating "cold turkey".
So while obesity may be can be very, very tough for some people.
Once again sad to hear.
9/8/09 1:25:07PM
too bad....why does it seem (to me anyways) that people are dropping like ******* flies nowadays?...

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