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11/30/12 11:25:10AM
There seems to a be a line forming of fighters that want to welcome Nick Diaz back to the Octagon when he's eligible to return in 2013.

11/30/12 11:30:23AM
If he beats Penn that would be a good match up to make.
11/30/12 11:46:05AM
I smell a P$ vs DD av bet
11/30/12 12:36:03PM
He already merk'd the little one... Why not beat the whole fam
11/30/12 1:07:55PM
I'm all for it
11/30/12 1:26:02PM
Rory could add "Double Diaz Demolition" to his resume.

And yes, I have no doubt the Av bet proposals will come pouring in for this one.
11/30/12 1:31:17PM
Nick Diaz isn't a blown up 155er.
11/30/12 1:32:43PM
No fair! I had to suffer through the hard times of Che!... But this is all stupid talk at Rory is gonna last about as long as Caol Uno did the first time they met
11/30/12 7:46:38PM

Posted by Budgellism

If he beats Penn that would be a good match up to make.

i agree with this. rory earned himself the Penn fight and if he mauls Penn, he really does deserve tougher competition.
11/30/12 10:46:15PM
After Penn I wouldn't mind this but I'd rather see him fight Condit again. I think he'd win all of those fights honestly.
11/30/12 11:25:04PM
MacDonald's in a good place if he wins (which I think he will), because there's several fights that make sense for him.

Maia/Fitch winner
Baczynski (a bit of a stretch, but he's huge and young and coming off a W)

I'm taking Diaz off the list because, while I think it'd be a good fight, a MacDonald win would knock Diaz off the contender's list for a long time, for a guy who reportedly won't fight the current champion. It's not the best move for the division. There's also the fact that Diaz is coming off a loss. They don't usually get matched up with a recent winner unless there's a compelling reason - Jones vs Sonnen in TUF, for instance (and that whole situation is controversial).

Similar reasons for Condit. Eventually I'd like to see them rematch, and I think it'll happen since they're both young and good enough to win at around the same time. Give them a full 5, put it on the main event of an FX/Fuel card in Canada. It'll get people in the seats.
12/1/12 1:02:49PM
Rory would slam Nick around like he did Nate to get the UD!!!
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