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8/17/12 9:57:33PM

From the UG:

On the training partner that caused the cut:

“Once I knew what it was, I grabbed him and I suplexed him like he was Nate Diaz!”

MacDonald then went on to respond to the claims from BJ Penn, claiming that Rory pulled out of the fight “because he knew he wasn’t going to win”.
Macdonald responded

“(laughs) that’s just a bunch of bullshit, not only do I know I’m going to win but I’ll probably end up killing him in the process.”
8/17/12 10:02:20PM
That 'killing him' line might rile some people up. Pretty sure Rousy said something about killing Kauffman.

BJ caught a ton of flack for saying something about killing GSP. Mir on the radio about Brock...
8/17/12 10:28:09PM
the killing him stuff is a little much, but i could see a retirement ceremony for BJ afterward.
8/18/12 1:33:51PM
Pretty sure Mur said something of that persuasion regarding Lesnar. It did not go over very well. I know it's beating a dead horse basically all the way down to it's elementary particles, but I wish this fight would get canceled and BJ would just go back to LW.
8/19/12 6:36:27PM
I too am a Tim And Sid-izen
8/23/12 5:24:04AM
I find it interesting that he mentions fighting Condit again a couple times, but I honestly don't see that happening right away, unless both he and Condit lose their next fights.

If Rory wins and Condit loses, I don't see the UFC giving Condit a fight with Rory as they tend to match up winners with other winners, and losers with other losers.

If Rory wins and Condit wins, Condit will be stuck fighting the winner of Kampmann/Hendricks, leaving Rory having to fight someone else.

In either case I see Rory (if he wins) fighting Erick Silva or Jon Fitch; and I hope it will be Silva cause that will be a hell of a fight!
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