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7/24/14 12:45:37PM
A welterweight contest between Rory MacDonald and Tarec Saffiedine is in the works for the Fight Night card in Halifax on October 4.

7/24/14 12:53:12PM
Tarec will probably pull out due to injury. He's been getting injured every time a big fight comes up for him.
If the fight does happen, however, we will see leg kicks vs jabs.
7/24/14 1:25:34PM
I really don't think this would be a smart move, at least not until after Saturday.
Since the winner of Lawler/Brown gets the next shot I would rather see MacDonald/Lombard, but this actually isn't too bad of a fight either.
But what if the winner on Saturday gets injured? Rory must be next in line, and would likely fight Hendricks in the fall.... I guess that's why it's still in preliminary talks
7/24/14 2:55:27PM
The burning question on everyone's mind!!

Which of these guys will win via split decision?
7/24/14 3:23:56PM
This is pretty much a done deal
7/24/14 5:56:48PM
WOW!!! Great fight!!! I'm buying tickets for sureee
7/24/14 8:27:48PM
I don't think grant will fight this year
7/25/14 3:21:59AM
I can't believe Tarcec ran his mouth and actually got this matchup, something to be said for that!!
7/25/14 7:40:38AM
This will either be one of the most boring chest matches in UFC history or 1 of them will step it up and push the pace to make a war since if it was a chest match like Onyx said it would be way to close to call.

If Rory pushes the pace he should win this but if he tries to win strictly on points by trying to out point Tarec, then I think Tarec pulls the upset.
7/25/14 12:04:06PM
Much better fight for Rory. When I heard the rumor that he was fighting Gunnar Nelson next the 1st thing that popped into my head was "GSP must be coming back soon."