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1/7/10 1:31:04AM
For years mixed martial arts analysts, journalists and fans have hypothesized about the plausibility that the skill set of fighters in the future would one day eclipse those of their present day counterparts due to the simple fact that they would be “pure mixed martial artists” who had trained in the hybrid art of fighting from day one.

We imagined a new breed of competitor – an army of fighting wunderkinds trained to strike and grapple like men as children, who, by the time they actually became men would take the MMA world by storm, changing the landscape of the game like Michael Jordan did with basketball, Wayne Gretzky did with hockey and Tiger Woods did with golf.

If the buzz emanating from Canada that surrounds him and the endorsements he has received from a host of the country’s most respected MMA figures are any indication, the new era has a face and a name and it is that of UFC newcomer Rory MacDonald.

1/7/10 11:08:14AM
I really hope they aren't rushing this kid into the spotlight, but he seems confident. I think he can beat the Joker for sure. Beyond that is anyone's guess. Even if he were to lose, being only 20 I'm sure we'll be watching this kid fight for a while.
1/7/10 1:15:08PM
trying to hype him up to be the next big thing? i hope he delivers but we shall see monday
1/7/10 3:40:27PM
I can think of another Canadian who fits this description a little better.
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