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10/13/10 6:39:31PM
The injury bug continues to keep biting UFC again in recent weeks, today it claimed Rory MacDonald-he's now off UFC 123 due to a knee injury. He was to have faced Matt Brown. Although UFC officials have not formally announced it, sources close to the show say Brian Foster is the replacement.

10/13/10 10:45:26PM
decent ,match brown has more of a chance to win
he needs too or else he probably will be cut
should stay as prelim but who knows they could bump it and put karo vs dennis hallman in its place
10/13/10 10:46:26PM
Somebody is going to get finished and possibly in exciting fashion.
10/13/10 11:10:44PM
What a tremendous matchup. Possibly match of the year.
10/14/10 3:04:21PM
I hope McDonald makes a great recovery, but I prefer this match-up. Brian Foster has flown under the radar with his record of 2-2 in the UFC but his striking needs to be respected. If he lands on you, it will hurt.

This fight could go two ways in my opinion.

1.) Brown will do like he sometimes does and test his striking game if he thinks his opponent is overrated, this could end with him on the wrong side of a combination and the ref stepping in.

2.) Brown can play it smart and take Foster to the ground right from the bell and show his brilliant BJJ game.

This is Browns' fight to lose. I think he can win with ease, if he just sticks to what he's best at, and that's BJJ.

Don't get me wrong, I really like Brian Foster. I think more people should keep an eye on him. But at the same time he's still pretty young and has time to learn the jui-jitsu game that he desperately needs.

All in all, should be a great (possibly very short) fight!
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