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1/21/09 5:48:36PM
Ronys Torres' UFC debut that was scheduled for UFN 18 on April 1 is now off. Torres has suffered a knee injury and will need surgery, which will keep him out up to 6 months. No word yet on the fate of Torres' planned opponent, Melvin Guillard.

1/21/09 6:05:40PM
Phew! Think I dodged a bullet on that one.

In all seriousness hope he gets better soon. He's a pretty highly touted prospect.
1/21/09 6:18:11PM
Glad I dont have to pick that one, they should set up the Fisher vs Guillard fight like planned.
1/21/09 6:30:16PM
how about kj noons? that was the original rumor.
1/21/09 6:57:44PM
kj noons in the ufc, that would suck.

Have Melvin fight Huerta
1/21/09 7:00:57PM
Melvin against Huerta again would be awesome for sure
too bad about Torres though, was excited to see him down and I had him for a 1st rd sub.
Noons would be alright too but I wouldnt be surprized if Jim Miller jumps in as he always does
1/22/09 12:46:03AM
curious to see who melvin fights now
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