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7/16/09 7:21:25AM
Ronnys Torres is now off UFC Fight Night 19 on September 16 due to an undisclosed injury. He was to have faced Jeremy Stephens. Although the deal isn't finalized yet, Justin Buchholz is in talks to be the replacement. Buchholz is coming off a loss to Terry Etim at UFC 99.

7/16/09 7:30:35AM
Damn, Torres can't get his debut in! I wanna see how he does here...hopefully he can recover and get a fight soon.

And I think Bucholz stepping in, will lead to his cut from the UFC. Jeremy will knock him out.
7/16/09 8:05:06AM
The loser is likely gone either way. Despite his impressive Shoryuken against dos Anjos, Stephens is only 4-4 in UFC. A loss and he's 4-5.
7/16/09 8:19:28AM
Oh if bucholz replaces torres vs stephens this pick will just be that much easier. Stephens it is.
7/16/09 9:09:47AM
Wow, will torres ever debut, he seems kind of injury prone, I hope he heals soon. If Buchholz is the replacement then I definately thinks Stephens wins.
7/16/09 10:26:03AM
I hope stephens has improved his ground game some, because buchholz isnt bad on the ground.

But Im hoping for Jeremy to land a big shot and then finish the fight.
7/16/09 12:56:44PM
he does seem injury prone, I'm very much looking forward to seeing him fight in the ufc but.... and yeah going with stephans as well
7/16/09 1:12:07PM
The switch has now been confirmed.

7/16/09 6:47:53PM
i had torres but this is too easy stevens via brutal ko
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