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6/20/13 11:48:55AM
She trains on an empty stomach, just eating on meal a day. Kind of a mix of warrior/paleo diet. Not eating anthing that wasn't around 10,000 years back.

Any good?

Ronda Rousey Diet
6/20/13 12:31:56PM
If it ain't broke don't fix it. She is the champ and finishes fights like a mofo
6/20/13 12:41:07PM
That's not all she eats......
6/20/13 2:48:47PM
I'm not a doctor...
...nor a nutritionist, but it sorta makes sense to me in an evolutionary way. The proof is in the pudding. She's doing quite well with it.
8/3/13 4:24:58AM
I recall that she snacks throughout the day (nuts and berries) and eats her only big meal at night (Warrior Diet). The Paleo aspect is the part where she only eats things that were around in the early stages of human evolution. This works for some people, but not others.
10/1/13 7:26:28AM
its working for her.
That said whats good for one person could be completely counter-productive for another. So experiment with it and maybe it'll help you find whats best for you.
8/25/14 8:02:15AM
I think it may work
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