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12/15/08 6:12:13PM
We are looking for around 5 members to add to our team and have GSPfan on our team who makes pretty bad ass avatars and is willing to make one just for you. When you join all you have to do is make picks regularly thats it. We don't expect anything just make your picks to try to win money. camp leader is 40ouncetofreedom hit him up or any of us and we will lead you to the light
1/16/09 12:55:21AM
bump this way ^
1/21/09 6:42:24PM
Hey everybody. Just wanted to bump this to let you know that The RBC is looking to improve and we are in need of 2 new quality members. We got a descent start this season and we're ranked 8th after the first event. We don't wanna stop there though. We want to end this season, and every season after in the top spot. Our camp forum is active with insightful discussion about previous and upcoming events and also some good off topic conversation. Only thing we ask of ourselves is to make all our picks in the primary league. Other than that, we are very laid back and just here to have fun. If anyone is interested, let me or another member of the camp know. 40ouncetofreedom is our camp leader.

To other camps in the MW division. Good luck. The RBC is making a run at the top spot and we're not going to make it easy for any other camp that has the same aspirations. If any competing camps hadn't worried about us being a contender before, that should change right now.
1/31/09 1:00:19PM

2/9/09 7:19:52AM
Moving on up. From 8th to 7th in the MW division. It's still early in the season, and we're confident we can make it to the top spot before it all said and done. One step at a time........Unless we decide to skip a few here or there.

We're still on the lookout for 1 or 2 more quality recruits. Hit up 40ounce from the link provided 2 posts above, or any other of the members of The RBC if you're interested.
2/17/09 7:08:50PM
hey guys we're looking for one more quality guy to join the camp. everyone in the camp gives great insight on the fights and we have a very active message board. i joined at the beginning of the season and as you can see have really benefited. if you're interested just PM 40ouncetofreedom
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