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5/30/09 12:53:17PM
“He offended me. I wanted to fight, he wanted to offend. He said that I hit my head on his and opened his face, but what opened his face was the first punch I gave. He has this habit, at the time of the interview he grows, but at the time of the fight he cried, apologized to his coach, then came toward my corner saying I was an idiot, and also apologized. He is proving that he isn’t a person of only one face, he is two-faced. Otherwise everything is alright, I’m not very worried about him. Dude, I already beat him once, was winning this one. For me, if I have to fight, I fight, if I don’t, whatever. The problem is his, he’s already lost once and at the second made this s**t. I don’t know what they’ll do. Honestly, I don’t know, they (FEG) didn’t say anything. I trained three months for this clown to come and do what he did, now I won’t fight in July, not for a while. I’ll take a rest and wait.”

Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza provides an update following his middleweight title bout against bitter rival Jason “Mayhem” Miller at DREAM 9 last week. The second outing between the pair was halted early in the first round because of an errant blow from Miller to a downed Souza. The strike carved a deep laceration to Souza’s head, which forced ringside officials to call off the match prematurely because of its severity. The fight was ruled a no contest. Another rematch between the two to determine a more decisive ending seems to be the next logical step; however, it doesn’t appear the “Jacare” is thrilled with the idea at this moment after Mayhem’s latest in-ring shenanigans.

5/30/09 7:14:31PM
He came into the corner calling Ronaldo an idiot and apologising? That makes sense. Hopefully Miller can finish the job and knock him out next time.
5/30/09 8:59:22PM
Miller has always acted like an obnoxious brat.
5/31/09 1:35:45AM
I don't understand why Miller was getting so pissed about the head butts. Sure, they caused the bleeding, but did they look intentional? Headbutts happen all the time, especially when you have a guy like Jacare who aggressively goes after the takedown.

I thought Miller was acting a bit ridiculous cussing at Jacare like he did
5/31/09 7:19:38AM
I think Miller just lost his head, it was the most emotional ive ever seen him in a fight, and watching the kingdom of mayhem videos or whatever they where called, it seemed like this is the first time Mayhem really prepared for a fight and he was so sure he was going to win. Having it snatched away after 2 minutes becouse of a cut, well I can understand why he was pissed. I dont think Ronaldo helped the cause telling Mahyem he was going to destroy him and tear off his limbs either.
5/31/09 3:28:15PM
Watching this play out was really confusing to me... and has DREAM always had a no kicks to a downed opponent? I thought that was okay like in PRIDE. At any rate, I wanted Mayhem to win but unfortunately we didn't get to see what was truly the main attraction on that card. I hope the rematch actually happens next time, but i don't blame Souza for not being very interested in a rematch with a guy who kicked you in the head when you were down and insulted you during.
5/31/09 11:39:26PM
I'm just confused by the whole situation...hopefully the rematch will actually go down soon.
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