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11/12/08 7:27:02PM
ok this sunday tony romo of the cowboys(the greatest tem in nfl history) will return to start against the washington redskins. so look out guys the boys are back. this is good becouse our backup sucked now lets see if we can gain some momentun
also i no bets go in the game talk or wahtever fourum but zephead i no you and CADR bet on the game or if anyone else wants to make a avatar bet to sport the other team untill the next ufc PM me
11/12/08 7:40:23PM
They better win. If they lose this game, goodbye season.

I watched Pitts/vs Wash and Washington sucks, so cowboys better not lose. If they do, then they are in some crap.
11/12/08 7:56:08PM
Go Titans, Go Collins.
11/12/08 8:38:14PM
man like 9 players on Denvers D are out but they still might win GO BRONCOS
11/12/08 9:38:51PM
Romo's return = Fantasy success
11/12/08 11:21:06PM
romo can't save the cowboys. I predict he will get hurt again and the skins beat the 'boys again 27-13.
11/13/08 12:00:51AM
na romo will bring us back our ofence is solid other wise but that qb sucks
11/13/08 10:27:47AM
With Clinton Portis injured Dallas might actually have a chance now. Too bad this win for the Cowboys doesnt mean much when you can only beat the team when their best player has a knee ijnury and still struggle.....
11/13/08 11:46:10AM
What's the over/under on Romo fumbles for this game?
11/13/08 3:15:37PM
No big deal, Cowboys aren't gonna make it far anyways.
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