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11/26/09 4:07:49AM
In this MMA Access feature, Mike Reilly from Team Bison (Brett Rogers’ head trainer) talked with PDG about Brett’s main event fight in Strikeforce, the training leading up to the fight and what is next for the formerly undefeated heavyweight.

PDG: You mentioned that before; that even though none of Brett’s fights had gone to the ground you guys had been working on his ground game extensively.

Mike Reilly: That is my background and is really the base for a lot of the things that we do during training. Brett has very good round skills, he is extremely difficult to submit and so we weren't surprised at all about how Brett performed on the ground during the first round. We knew that Fedor’s best option was to stay in the half guard because if he made any effort to gain the full mount he would have been reversed. Brett did a good job getting back to the guard, reversing and then landing a couple of good shots. I think part of the problem in this fight was that our game plan consisted more of the standup game and maybe we should have surprised Fedor with more of an emphasis on the ground game.


11/26/09 4:28:06AM
I thought the first round was close and I definitely was impressed with Rogers and how long he lasted considering what Fedor did to Sylvia and Arlovski.

I wouldn't mind seeing it again, but not right away, I'd like to see Werdum vs. Fedor and Overeem come over to the states finally.
11/26/09 4:56:24AM
"Mike Reilly: I want to be really clear about this...I do not want to question ”Big” John McCarthy’s decision to stop the fight. John does not have the benefit of replay or slow motion. When a fighter gets spun around like that and hits the canvas the odds are very likely that the fight will be stopped. I think that any competent referee would have made the same call and my opinions are based on being able to view the fight several times via replay. Brett brought up both his hand and his leg to defend himself and if he had not turned away from Fedor but turned the other way I think the fight would not have been stopped. Fedor did an incredibly smart thing by standing there and throwing punches while Brett was on his back instead of moving down into the guard position were Brett would've been able to tie him up and get all of his eggs back in his basket. Brett was clearly hurt by the punch but he was never unconscious and that is what made the loss so frustrating because Brett felt that if he was going to take a loss he wanted to leave on a stretcher. When he got back to the locker room he wasn't hurt, he wasn't tired and the people that were questioning his endurance were wrong."

someone needs to let this guy in on the rules. rolling over in pain is not intelligently defending your self. that and what he said about how fedor was INCREDABLY smart for not going falling in his guard to land punches is like saying im smart for knowing 2+2 is 4. if you got a guy hurt your not gonna fall in his guard to finish him off. Man... Some peoples kids

PS . Brett must have a very big puppy
11/26/09 8:59:43AM
Shoulda, coulda, woulda

Alot of fighters who have fought him seem to always thinks this... always after the fight, Of course ;)
11/26/09 10:17:31AM
No matter what this guy says or what anybody thinks the bottom line remains-

Fedor knocked another one off, and now it's time to move on to the next.
11/26/09 10:44:18AM
Wheres that pic of Rogers laying there turtled getting punched in the face? This trainer needs to learn how to be quiet. Yes you can say Brett did a great job and looked to have Fedor in trouble at one 3 punch moment in the first round but Brett was out and done. Keep bitching about stoppages and your fighter will get hurt.
11/26/09 12:25:40PM
See emfleek's avatar for my response
11/26/09 12:58:11PM
The only thing that need to be said is...

11/26/09 1:02:27PM
You can't blame a trainer for doing his best to give confidence back to Brett. The truth is, he got destroyed by one punch. After the fight, when he got up, and it took a while, he was very wobbly and then he just shook his head with dissapointment.

The trainer probably feels he needs to say these things to build up the psyche of a fighter that had never lost and truly believed he would shock the world and KO Fedor. Fedor has crushed people like this before and they were never the same again, I HOPE that this is not the case with Brett and these people aren't talking because they are worried for Brett.

And no, Brett did not win the first round. You don't get knocked down by a punch, , taken down twice, have two sub attempts placed on you, and win the first round unless you do more than that. He didn't. He got dominated the first round, people were just shocked that he didn't get KO'd in the first 5 minutes.
11/26/09 1:26:03PM
Another one bites the dust!!!!!!
11/26/09 6:17:22PM
This is another one of those cases of someone doing better than expected against Fedor, and having people act like he won the fight or something as a result. He did a really good job and showed that he probably has a much better groundgame than people expected, but he lost the first round pretty clearly and got KOed in the second.
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