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4/15/10 7:51:24PM
American heavyweight Brett Rogers gets genuinely angry when the subject of Alistair Overeem comes up. An incident in a hotel last year, where Overeem supposedly gave him the brush-off, has provided Rogers with a very real dislike of the Strikeforce champion.
4/15/10 8:52:55PM
Rogers is made for Alister if you ask me.
4/16/10 1:55:59AM

I really would love to see Rogers KO Ubereem...

I like Rogers. I think it's hard to NOT like him.
4/16/10 10:02:25AM
I hope Rogers beats his face through the back of his head, I think he learned alot after getting his bell rung maybe for the first time ever when he fought fedor, and i dont htink he is gonna let it happen to someone he hates
4/16/10 10:40:35AM

Posted by State_Champ

I like Rogers. I think it's hard to NOT like him.

after the gritty fight against fedor where i didnt expect much from him i completely have to agree. hes a really tough guy and a straight shooter, and thats prettty likable in a fighter.
4/16/10 2:39:49PM
I have to admit, I didn't like Rogers going into the Fedor fight. After seeing his performance and listening to him speak after, I gained a healthy amount of respect for him. Not to mention Overeem really appears to have been avoiding any serious competition for his Strikeforce title.

I just have a question, how is Rogers fighting for the title coming off a loss to Fedor? I've yet to figure this out. Maybe I missed a press conference or something. Can anyone explain this?
4/16/10 4:02:55PM

Posted by BlueSkiesBurn

I just have a question, how is Rogers fighting for the title coming off a loss to Fedor? I've yet to figure this out. Maybe I missed a press conference or something. Can anyone explain this?

i think had fedors people not had the little contract tiff with strikeforce then it would be him fighting for the strap, but i really cant explain it either. to be honest though, im fine with watching werdum/fedor and rogers/ubereem, fedor and AO will meet sooner than later if he gets past rogers.
4/16/10 4:08:42PM
So it was more on the M-1 Global side, that makes sense. I am not complaining about the fights either, I actually think this way is going to be more exciting, I was just curious as to how this all transpired. Strikeforce might want to consider signing some more heavyweights.
4/16/10 4:30:41PM
IF Rogers wins I really hope they don't do a Fedor vs Rogers 2 right after. It's going to be annoying if they do.


it should be Werdum/Rogers and Fedor/AO
4/16/10 4:35:02PM
I'll be cheering for Rogers the whole time. I think as a power puncher people where highly underestimating him until the Fedor fight.
Overeem is certainly a more decorated striker but I think Rogers may suprise us with a possible speed advantage.
Either way I can't wait to see it.
4/16/10 6:59:33PM
I will be picking Overeem to win, as he's a way more complete striker and fighter, but against heavyweights as big as Rogers there's always an outside chance that a fight can end with one massive punch to the chin. The best technique in the world can not save somebody from falling when they eat a giant uppercut.

If Fedor Emelianenko was not so elusive and impossible to hit clean on the chin, he would have lost some time ago to some giant whom he dwarfed in skill on paper.

4/16/10 7:02:51PM
I think Rogers has a decent chance, im not going to pick him because of all the ways Alistair can win this, but Rogers could very well pull a kharitonov and knock Overeem senseless with a punch.
4/16/10 7:04:38PM
I think Rogers has as much a chance as he did vs AA he has some big time power in those hands and Oooobereem has been known to not have the best chin I wouldnt be surprised if Rogers won but the odds are that Alistar has this one
4/20/10 9:26:54PM
His clinch game is solid and his hands are heavy. If he can keep it from turning into a kick boxing match and get up close I think he should win not just could.
4/21/10 2:04:22PM
God I love Rogers! It'd be one thing if he was just this brawler Heavyweight like Paul Bentuello or something. But in the Fedor fight I think he showed he takes this sport seriously and obviously is willing to work hard to be the best. I agree its very hard not to love and respect this guy. he brings it everytime.

Although it's not likely, I really hope Rogers finds a way to pull this one out. I'd love to see Rogers drop Overeem. PLEASE GOD PLEASE!!!
4/30/10 7:51:24PM
You have to love this guy. Rogers talks hard and brings it, flat out. I really gained respect after the AA, and Fedor fights. Although the Fedor fight leads me to believe that AO is going to win this battle. His striking is far superior to Bretts. They dont call him "The Demolishin Man" for nothing. Alistair TKO 2nd
4/30/10 7:56:07PM
I used to think of Rogers as somewhat of a hack with a powerful shot, I've got mad respect for him. I hope he crushes Ubereem
5/17/10 10:31:44PM
5/18/10 5:04:44PM
Rogers did not fight. This and the Randleman fight were strange.
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