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12/25/09 12:22:00PM
Antonio Rogerio Nogueira recently had to pull out of a scheduled fight against Brandon Vera at UFC 109. Though his ankle injury was severe enough to keep him off the Feb. 6 fight card, don’t be surprised if Nogueira surfaces again sometime in March or April.

Nogueira’s ankle had been giving him some trouble prior to his Nov. 21 fight with Luiz Cane. You’d have never had known it judging by his performance. He took out Cane by TKO inside the first two minutes of the opening round. The victory was Nogueira’s Octagon debut.

12/25/09 1:51:50PM
as long as he aint out for long. i was really excited to see lil' nog enter the octagon and once i saw his performance against luiz cane i wanted to see more. i got him puttin' a whoopin' on vera.
12/25/09 9:35:00PM
He should fight the winner out of Jones-Vera.
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