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2/2/07 5:04:11PM
At they have the order of fights something like this:

Main Event : Silva vs Lutter
Co-Main Event: Halverson vs Huerta

CroCop vs Sanchez
Rampage vs Eastmen
Smith vs Cote

It is only one day before the event so I doubt that is just behind in there listing. Why isn't CroCop vs Sanchez the CO-Main event. Whats the deal with that? I know Roger Huerta is a very exciting fighter but i'll be displeased if CroCop's fight is shown before this. Does anybody know if this is the actual order? Does the fightcard order normally reflect the actual order?

I hope im not the only one that thinks CroCops fight should be Co-Main event....
2/2/07 5:08:19PM
its just the swing bout.
2/2/07 5:20:23PM
Huerta isn't on the poster. Rampage and Cro Cop are.

To my knowledge the "prelims" are:

Ryoto Machida vs. Sam Hoger
Tyson Griffin vs. Frank Edgar
Jorge Rivera vs. Terry Martin
Dustin Hazelett vs. Diego Saraiva

It's probably going to depend on how long the title fight goes to determine if we see any of these.
2/2/07 6:52:38PM
The two main fights are never right in a row
2/2/07 7:07:19PM
Well that is good to know, i do want to see Roger Huerta's fight though, i hear he is a really exciting fighter.
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