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8/31/10 11:39:18PM
Bellator fighter Roger Huerta sits down and talks to TMZ about what have happen in the street fight he got into a month ago and the man who punch the women in the face.
TMZ Live: Roger Huerta
9/1/10 5:04:08AM
i give props to roger. i mean theres not many people that can say they wouldn't have done what he did in the same situation. I know I would've. and hes handling it in a professional way. and its good to see him not taking any focus off of his fight with eddie.
9/1/10 10:34:38AM
Huge applause for Roger, I wish more guys would step up to women beaters like that.
9/1/10 11:07:48AM
Roger Huerta is a beauty. I would contribute to his defense fund in a suit.
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