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12/13/09 2:00:51AM
I think it's news, perhaps old? I knew he was a free agent but didnt know he was completely gone but I guess so.
12/13/09 2:14:50AM
Not really news. When you want to add a link look above the message icons on the right hand side and it says insert web link choose that you may have to give permission to allow a scripted window.
12/13/09 11:49:04AM
there are still some guys that have been cut by the UFC that are still on the site.
12/13/09 12:56:05PM
Exactly....I think they should keep that site as acurate as possible or just ignore it....I hate the site TBH.
12/13/09 1:46:37PM
it is true that the site does have fighters that are no longer with the organization but when they actually go out of their way to remove someone then it's for real
12/13/09 4:29:02PM
Roger most likely wanted more money then Zuffa was willing to pry from its greedy paw .....WAR HENDO!!!
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