Who should Roger Huerta fight next?

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10/30/08 11:29:15AM
Now that griffen has lost let him fight griffen

I pick Griffen
10/30/08 12:24:38PM
It all depends on what the UFC wants from Huerta, if Dana decides to resign him and use him and his popularity to continue to boost the sport and the UFC then they will start building him back up. A fight against a strong wrestler like Sherk, Griffin, Maynard, and Stevenson (i would add Edgar and Manny, but Huerta may be able to handle them since he'd be so much larger than them) wouldn't be a good match up for Huerta right now and the UFC knows it. So if they are building him back up I imagine you'd see him against someone like Lauzon, Danzig, Clementi, Neer, or Fisher. Huerta's sub defense is very overlooked imo, so even a fight with Diaz, Franca, or Pellegrino may be good for him. Personally I like Huerta very much and think he has a lot of heart and potential to go very far in the lw division in the future. I think the most exciting fight Joe Silva could put together for the fans would be Huerta vs. Fisher, Franca, Danzig or Lauzon. I leaning toward Lauzon since they both lost to Florian or possible Franca since he's on his way back up the ladder.
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