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7/21/07 3:41:39AM
is anyone realy that impresed with him. we get to see him fight another no name on the main card of ufc 74 when u got people like babalu and mir who have actually earned their place in the ufc who are fighting on the undercard. and whats the point of bringing in aurelio if hes not gonna be on the main card.
the ufc doesnt make sense to me anymore.
7/21/07 4:02:57AM
I was and if he keeps it up he will be one of the fighters I would love to keep watching.
7/21/07 11:32:23AM
i think huerta is good but i hate how they give him no names to fight.....he already has 4 ufc wins and he should be given a worthy opponent , i agree that the babalu figt should be there instead or huertas, but i think the fc is juss tryin to build him up........
7/21/07 12:35:01PM
IMO I think Huerta is overrated, he's fought subpar comp. and has ok standup and ok ground skills. I don't see him doing anything at all against the top comp. Penn smashes him, Tavares subs him, Fisher KO's him, and Din subs him.
7/21/07 2:05:25PM
I don't think we can tell if he's over rated yet because he hasn't been tested. I dout if he's good enough to be champ, but he seems like he has the skills to be right in the mix of contenders. Only we wont know untill he faces another top contender. The UFC needs to stop spoon feeding him wins, and test this kid.
7/21/07 3:37:37PM
Huerta comes to fight everytime though. I agree he should step up in competition but he's not asking to fight no names he fights whoever the UFC puts in front of him. He should face Stevenson and the winner of that should fight Penn for the title in my opinion.
7/21/07 3:58:04PM
When I saw Huerta fight Garcia in 69 I was impressed by the way they both obviously loved every minute, never held back, and still fought like gentlemen. I said to the guys in my camp: now THAT’S what fighting is about. I’ll be following them both closely.
7/21/07 9:49:22PM
well hopefully the fights will end quick like atleast in the 1st or 2nd round at 74, because I want to see all these fights on the card.
7/22/07 1:58:55PM
Yea I really wanna see Babalu again and I haven't seen Mir fight in a while since I missed his last couple of fights.
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