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5/14/09 1:37:43PM
Strikeforce recently confirmed they are talking to and may even be close to signing Roger Gracie to a deal with the promotion. Gracie, a wizard in Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu, is 2-0 career in MMA but has not fought since May '08 due to an injury and legal issues surrounding an opponent-to-have-been.

5/14/09 4:15:05PM
I like this guy and think he will be a beast at heavy weight in any league and go be the guy to bring the Gracies back to the top
5/14/09 6:33:21PM
Roger's skills are awesome, but I think his career will be managed like many of the other Gracie's. He'll fight rarely, and his opponents will be very carefully selected.
5/15/09 4:14:25AM
If he trains the Rickson way (JJ is all you need), he'll never beat top competition. However, if he uses the Renzo philosophy of learning other aspects, he could really become a force.
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