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1/18/12 1:55:13PM

Posted by KungFuMaster

Posted by mrsmiley

I went back and was watching UFC I believe it was 47 last night. I laughed so hard when Joe was questioning Yamasaki's stoppage of the Arvloski and Cabbage fight.

I don't know if you're mocking Yamasaki's call or not - it's difficult to tell, but for the record, I thought it was a very good stoppage. Cabbage was not able to muster any offense and was literally taking a horrible beating from Arvloski.

After the fight was called, Cabbage did not contest at all and he actually looked relieved the fight was over - of course, IMO.

I'm laughing at the fact that to my knowledge that was the second time Joe questioned a yama call.
I wouldn't say it was a bad call either,granted it could have went on.
I think that's the problem with a lot of calls is that their's not consistancy and each individual fight granted,makes it harder to determine.
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