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11/14/08 7:31:00PM
Did anyone see the weigh-ins? Rogan cracks me up. I think Goldberg is sartin to rub off on him a little bit. He was talkin to Randy. And he told Randy his life has been like a movie. And in that Movie, Lesnar was like the monster at the end of the Video Game. When did the video game come into this movie? Now I'm confused. Is it a movie or a video game? Or is there a video game in the movie?

Did anybody else see this? Find it amusing?
11/14/08 10:01:15PM
i only found the big monster at the end of a video game part amusing but not as much as you did.

not about the movie then being a video game part.
11/14/08 10:15:15PM
Maybe I'm just overly tired. It's been a long week. It's taking forever for Saturday night to come. Less than 24 hours now. When I think about it now, it's not that funny, but I still chuckle just thinking about it. Guess it just hit the right spot.
11/14/08 11:59:01PM
at first it didnt process in my head that he went from movie to video game.
11/15/08 12:39:51AM
This reminds me of a movie i played on xbox once........
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