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POLL: Who you got?
Buffer by GOGOPLATA! 27% (10)
Rogan by Knee bar 51% (19)
Goldberg by perfect commentary 22% (8)
4/1/09 3:20:29PM


This must be an April Fools or something?
4/1/09 3:26:13PM
“Look,” continued Buffer. “I’m sure Joe’s jiu-jitsu is top notch, and admittedly, that’s my weak point. But when I pull the Buffer 180 on him and crack him on the chin, he’ll be the only one on the mat.”

4/1/09 4:51:14PM
Is this for real???...If so, Rogan will tie him in knots.
4/1/09 4:59:11PM
It's in one of the comments, but check out the first letter of each paragraph.
4/1/09 6:33:12PM
all right? but for starters it doesn't say idiots the first letter is an A and if your talking about after the introduction the first letter is an R
4/1/09 7:03:25PM
Hell yeah i cant wait to see this and ufc just anounced they are giving in to fedors managment and building a stadium in russia here the official link

Fedor is coming to the UFC!!!!!!

APRIL FOOLS UFC has a sense of humor...
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