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5/13/09 5:01:09PM
Oh yes, I am fighting on it this coming Saturday!

Its a full contact K1 kickboxing fight, 3 x 3 minute rounds, with no elbows allowed but full knees. All the pads worn will be boxing gloves too so it should be nice and tasty.

Ive stepped up my training the past two months in the run up going kickboxing with the South East team three days per week and once a week with David Lee on mondays! In fighting shape and am looking nice & sharp. For some reason im not nervous at all but never really have been before!

Looking forward to it and il inform you guys on how i do the next day!

Hopefully I dont get my teeth knocked out!
5/13/09 5:02:10PM
Good luck
5/13/09 5:03:44PM
Good luck bro. Go forth and destroy...

5/13/09 5:55:14PM
WAR Mattchoo
5/13/09 6:46:22PM
Kick ass!
5/13/09 7:50:22PM
Good luck
5/14/09 1:09:18AM
Nice. good luck
5/18/09 2:58:11PM
The announcement was wrong, i did actually win i found out today. Somehow there was an error or in the transferring of results.. LOL

Not the best quality, but im in the green shorts and black gloves. Beating up a 27 year old man who was training in thailand for a while before the fight. Justice has been done.

Camera work on the knockdown wasnt too great, it was a big right hand over a sloppy jab incase your wondering. And you miss him being counted up and to his corner lol.

Rounds 1 & 2

Round 3
5/19/09 12:21:55AM
Nice work Matchoo.

Much respect has to go to you for stepping into the ring and doing the buisness
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