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POLL: Are you
Yeah those girls are Sexy ! 30% (7)
No 30% (7)
39% (9)
1/13/08 8:53:11PM
Are you guys going to watch it tonight, think of all of the HOT CHICKS that's going to be on the show

TTT if you guys are going to watch it
1/13/08 9:07:19PM
i picked C to be non conformist...although it looks like someone else did too so there goes my idea...

anyway, i will watch whenever i can because i actually like brett michaels and some of those girls are crazy and drop dead sexy. however, i always wind up taking a shower after i watch it, so it all depends on my mood. i am a little pissed at how jess and him turned out, but i am interested to see how he acts this season after jes just broke up with him right afterwards because he wouldn't walk her to her room...curiosity will definitely kill me eventually
1/13/08 10:24:31PM
I was really hoping the passed out drunk girl would slide under the rader and end up getting to stay because it would be funny as hell.
1/14/08 1:16:21PM
the quality of the women on there was HORRIBLE, there were a few good ones but 75% or so were more or less dogs with decent human bodies. that french broad looks like the arquette brother/sister that was on the surreal life and in the wedding singer(boy george/dead or alive looking dude). collagen makes women look brutal.
1/14/08 7:58:00PM
The girls on the first rock of love were sooooooo much hotter than season 2 by far! Only a few in season 2 that are good. very disapointed with that, its like a booze fest everyday
1/17/08 6:02:03PM
the chicks suck on this season.
1/17/08 6:45:34PM
I'll agree and say Frenchy looked like a French whore (No offence to the rest of the French).
1/17/08 9:13:06PM
I think the chicks are ten times hotter!!! Last season they were all blonde hoes besides Lacy. Now they have all kinds that are fine as hell!

Just the show sucks

It looks so fake. You know he won't find love this season. It looks so weird and awkward. There's no way!!!

The chicks are hott but the show sucks. **** Bret Michaels
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