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9/27/07 1:14:36PM
ESPN recently interviewed former wrestler-turned-movie star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and one of the subjects Rock commented on was MMA, specifically UFC.

Interview Excerpt

I can't really see him ever fighting in MMA but with his personality and charisma he could be a great promoter someday, and with his connections he already has I'd see him having no problem securing some great talent.
9/27/07 3:48:52PM
he will never fight but i think he can try if he likes a lot of wwe guys are tryin it
9/27/07 3:52:02PM
I doubt he would try... be a waste of time for him. I'm sure he makes far more from a movie every year or two, then he could make for what they would pay him to fight in the UFC.
9/27/07 8:12:15PM
there is no way he would attempt to try. however i think the ufc could use him for promos and stuff and would be awesome. they guy has "IT". hes hilarious point blank
9/28/07 1:37:35AM
Thanks Rock, now go back to making more shitty movies...
9/28/07 12:44:05PM
no! no! no! we do not need to see promoters walk down to the octagon with there fighters like captain lue albano. let the rock make stupid movies and stay away from mma. we have enough bigmouths in the sport already.
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