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3/20/08 1:27:41PM
EliteXC and CBS today issued their highly anticipated news about the debut of mixed martial arts programming on CBS, revealing that EliteXC Middleweight Champion “Ruthless” Robbie Lawler (15-4) will put his 185-pound strap on the line against The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 4 alum Scott “Hands of Steel” Smith (13-4), according to

As expected, heavyweight bareknuckle brawler turned professional fighter, Kimbo Slice, will headline the show at The Prudential Center in Newark, N.J., against a soon to be named opponent.

Here’s a snip from Kelly Kahl, Senior Executive Vice President, CBS Primetime:

“We’re excited to introduce broadcast television viewers to America’s fastest growing sport with this prime time event. EliteXC is putting together a lineup card that showcases the unique personalities, world-class athleticism, and raw power and emotion that characterizes mixed martial arts.”

The match up between Lawler and Smith was talked about for Smith before his EliteXC debut against Kyle Noke at Street Certified: “Kimbo vs. Tank” last month. Shaw mentioned that the winner of the bout would probably be next in line for a shot at Lawler’s title.

Shaw is apparently a man of his word … at least in this case.

This will be Lawler’s first defense of his title since winning the belt with a third round technical knockout of Ninja Rua back in September 2007. He’s a fighter who loves to sling the leather — 12 of his 15 wins have come via (technical) knockout and he’s currently riding a four-fight win streak.

Smith also has enjoyed recent success, winning his last two fights with first- and second-round (t)ko’s over Jeff Morris and Noke. His style is also to stand and bang with his opponent, making a match up with Lawler a recipe for a stand up war.

3/20/08 1:30:59PM
Kimbo better have a solid opponent, but I'm sure it will be a gimme fight because they cant chance losing his status until we are a couple deep into the CBS contract and it pulling views
3/20/08 1:34:03PM
Scott Smith was the dude that took the liver shot and knocked the other dude out in a TUF finale wasnt he?

Bangers paradise.

I'll be watching for sure.
3/20/08 2:48:58PM
Hands of Steel, FTW.
3/20/08 3:10:31PM
Good for smith getting a shot at lawler. It will be a war and on paper Lawler wins in every aspect but Smith has the "right place at the right time" nack so I don't count him out.
Ruthless Robbie Lawler 2 round (T)KO
3/20/08 3:27:05PM
This fight will be a war. Very good chance for Smith to move into top 10 talks. On paper Lawler is the better fighter but Smith has a punchers chacne and Lawler is going to provide him that chance im sure by standing with him.
3/20/08 4:27:18PM
Lawler will do the smart thing and take Smith down and GNP him out. Late First or early Second round. Why are there so many news stories about the EliteXC show on the Main Page. Couldn't we just combine them into one?
3/20/08 5:23:26PM
I was hoping for a card like this one theier debut. Kimbo is Kimbo ya know I like the guy and think with time and lots of BJJ practice could be a solid fighter. Then Lawler vs Smith are you kidding me. Both of these guys will be looking to smashthe shit out of the other. I cant wait until this airs
3/20/08 8:17:54PM
Great fight, I can't wait to watch!!!

War Ruthless

I'm sure it will be a close fight till someone gets KO'd
3/21/08 12:12:40AM
Good fight for sure. For some reason I seem to like some fighters more once their out of the ufc, both these fighters are included in that. For this fight I like Smith more but it could definetly go either way likely by a KO finish.
3/21/08 1:59:56PM
I look for Lawler to take Smith the the ground and GnP him. Lawler fighting Smith on his feet is a mistake. I see Lawler 2nd round sub.
4/18/08 9:48:20AM
lawler would kill him in the very first round easily ill put big money on that one
6/2/08 9:43:04PM

Posted by WalkHardAllDay

lawler would kill him in the very first round easily ill put big money on that one

I guess its good that you didnt, or did you???
Oh never mind, I see that you got banned so I guess you wont answer this.
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