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1/31/08 9:36:50PM
who do you have winning and how?
1/31/08 9:39:05PM
alemida RD 1 tapout
1/31/08 9:42:21PM
your on team sure shot
1/31/08 9:42:53PM
1/31/08 9:44:29PM
Rob Yudnt has a 6-0 reacord but he does not have good fights
1/31/08 9:45:59PM
I know but he can come put and prove us all wrong this fight.
1/31/08 9:46:35PM
did you bet any money and this fight?
1/31/08 9:48:25PM
Naw waiting to see if the odds get better
1/31/08 9:50:22PM
Almeida by round one submission .

I just don't think its enough time to prepare for the calibur of Almeida as well as debuting on the main card of a UFC PPV.
1/31/08 9:50:48PM
is ricardo almeida ground game that much better then rob yudnt?
1/31/08 9:50:54PM
I might end up picking Yudnt before the event i have a gut feeling on this fight Is it still gonna be on the main card
1/31/08 9:53:14PM
i think i'm going with yudnt for the upset i think he will come out strong
1/31/08 9:55:30PM
thanks for the help odogg22 i gave you a prop
2/1/08 9:27:45AM
Watch Yudnts fights... he runs in for a takedown like a linebacker. If you leave your neck out against a Black Belt BJJ guy, it is going to be a VERY QUICK choke out. He also leaves limbs dangling trying for position on top, which once again, is a VERY bad idea.

I see no way he can prepare for someone with the experience and ability of Almeida, even if he has not fought competitively in 3-4 years. Personally, I think this might be the easiest fight on the card to pick.

Almeida R1 sub.
2/1/08 10:11:54AM
why are these threads in this forum and not the ufc forum?!?

and anyway roger you can just post your thoughts on the ufc 81 fights in the ufc 81 thread, they like to keep the creation of new threads down to a minimum to a here and so far you do seem quite postwhoreish with lots of short posts
2/1/08 1:27:40PM

Posted by CornishMMA

why are these threads in this forum and not the ufc forum?!?

From the forum index....

MMA Playground Game Talk
This is the place to talk about your picks, house wagers, and other community related discussions.

I think this thread counts for " a discussion of picks."
2/1/08 10:43:21PM

Posted by roger

is ricardo almeida ground game that much better then rob yudnt?

in one word...yes.

almeida is a BJJ blackbelt under renzo gracie and has displayed phenomenal JJ in his MMA fights. he was one of the better fighters when he was active and i cannot wait for him to make his return. i am bummed that he can't fight belcher so i could see if he was good enough right off of the bat to be seriously considered. but since that fight got scrapped, i am still picking ricardo by submission, as woodmo said yundt is very susceptible to submissions and is coming off of extreme short notice. it is very difficult to win a fight on 3 days notice especially against a fighter of ricardo's caliber despite the time off.
2/2/08 9:47:45PM
If I have to watch this fight and don't get to see the Tyson fight I'm going to pissed! WTF??? How can you put this fight ahead of that one? I don't care how weak the MW division is, you don't make me pay $5 more for this card and not give me the Tyson fight!!
2/2/08 9:53:36PM
Putting the Horn fight ahead of Tyson is F'd up too! I know it will be the first one we see if we make it to 5 fights, but I'm still pissed!
2/2/08 10:09:16PM
Ha-ha, first fight...nice. All is good in my camp, lol.
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