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10/28/09 11:15:57PM
A lightweight match-up between Phillipe Nover and Rob Emerson is signed, sealed, and delivered for UFC 109 on Feb. 6 in Las Vegas.

Nover (9-2-1) has endured a rocky start to his UFC career since emerging from the eighth season of "The Ultimate Fighter." The Brooklyn native and former nurse lost to Efrain Escudero in the finals of the reality show and fell short at UFC 98 in May, losing to Kyle Bradley by first-round TKO.

10/28/09 11:46:36PM
i a shocked emerson is still in the ufc

loser leaves town match for sure

i don't know who to pick
10/28/09 11:49:41PM
I think this is one Nover can win. If he can't, send him packing.
10/29/09 12:29:23AM
This has to be a fight to keep your job, either one I don't care...but I'd bet on Emerson winning.
10/29/09 5:34:20AM
Good Fight, loser sent packing - straight to the WEC (i hope) both fighters are young and could really develop on the smaller stage, plus WEC is always in need of LW talent
10/29/09 12:18:46PM
Emerson is going to send Nover into free agency.
10/29/09 7:17:12PM
I just don't know what it is that Emerson is supposed to be good at. He's got a little power, I guess. I only say that though because I can't think of anything else he excells at.
10/29/09 7:19:42PM
i wish stout was still fighting him instead of j-lau
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