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8/9/08 11:34:11PM
Wow i am shocked he won like that. This is a great card so far 2 awesome fights.
8/9/08 11:35:34PM
i had a feeling i should have gone his way

8/10/08 12:19:07AM
Its happens I think Manny would win this fight 9-10 times Emerson won tonight though
8/10/08 1:16:21AM
I had faith in Emerson, and knew he would win, I thought he would outlast him to a UD, but wow! I can't believe he KO'ed him in 12 seconds.
8/10/08 2:38:16AM
nice work emerson. i know it was only 12 seconds but he looking damn good. i'm sure he will get a top 10 ufc lw for his next fight. has to be ko of the night. enjoy the 75k you deserve it.
8/10/08 3:22:13AM

Posted by pharside

Its happens I think Manny would win this fight 9-10 times Emerson won tonight though

ur joking right?

Manny didnt stand a chance, he didnt amount any offense. and the little off he did show, he got caught. Manny is too agressive. Once the fighters see that, they will do a cross jab combo, and send him back. or a front kick, which ever works for them.

plus, Emerson would win 9 outta 10, and the one he losses would end in a NC.

EDIT: It looked like my quote was his quote, forgot a bracket ]
8/10/08 10:10:11AM
Let's all get real and know that Manny just isn't that good. He's too short/small for guys with good striking and a major reach advantage. This same thing will happen to Manny over and over.
8/10/08 3:17:20PM
im jus gunna say congrats to emerson cuz those were 2 nice f****n punches........manny is too wrechless wit his punches to fight a clean striker wit a powerpunch......i believe 9 outta 10 times manny woulda won that fight....he jus went in wit the wrong game plan should have never threw punches wrecklessly should sucked emerson in made him over commit and then took it down where he knew he had an advantage!!!!!!

he woulda won the fight no problem wit that sort of a game plan!!!!
8/10/08 6:14:57PM
Surprised me, big time.
8/11/08 12:14:18PM
I see Emmerson training every day at No limits... He was prepared for stand up, or a ground battle... I also did not think he was gonna knock him out but I knew he was gonna win..
8/12/08 1:52:38AM
the next fight is emerson vs wiman

2 tuf 5 cast member and 2 good friend this should be a awsome fight
8/12/08 1:55:00AM
If he had an account here at MMAPLAYOUND, I would definately give him props for coming out to M.I.A.

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