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6/7/07 12:30:22AM
ill take roan carniero over fitch for the right odds and amount of money.
6/7/07 1:44:38AM
Lol what is the right money for you? 10$?
6/7/07 12:42:35PM
teeheehee ... lets all laugh at the poor person, are you wearing rags?

As im feeling generous i will send you a good wager proposal
6/7/07 11:29:58PM
um... thanx guys but im out of money so i wont be taking any bets on this fight after all. by the way though, i would take a wager for $10 if the odds were 2:1
6/8/07 6:50:59AM
maybe try actually typing that next time instead of leaving it as a mystery
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