Rnd. 1 & 3 Aldo Mendes

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10/26/14 2:40:23AM
Let me know if im wrong, but did anyone else notice the early horn in rounds 1 & 3. Like 18 seconds left in the round.
10/26/14 9:56:29AM
I did not notice, nor have I heard anyone mention it.
10/26/14 2:44:25PM
Didn't notice it either
10/26/14 4:04:48PM
Sometimes I notice the three knocks, similar to the 10 second warning, happening at seemingly random times. They happen anywhere from three minutes left to one minute left. What is the purpose of the three knocks?
10/26/14 7:57:33PM
Didn't see anything wrong. Just finished watching it and after reading this and went back and rewatched. Didn't notice anything..