Rivera's Latest UFC Run May Be His Last

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4/7/09 10:31:19AM
During a radio appearance yesterday, UFC veteran Jorge Rivera said that his split decision win at UFN 18 over Nissen Osterneck could be the start of his final year of fighting before retiring. Rivera, who will now be out at least 6 weeks due to shoulder surgery, cited increased wear & tear and family commitments as 2 possible reasons why this current run in UFC could be his last.

4/7/09 10:52:51AM
Rivera is probably one of the most underrated fighters out there as far as his career goes. he has always been top notch competition, he just could never quite get to the big one
4/7/09 11:14:54AM
War Jorge! I wish him the best of luck w/ everything. It's too bad he never got a little more respect or won the big dance, but most ppl can say that. He's a warrior who I always enjoy watching fight. I'm so glad he won his first fight back after losing his daughter so tragically.

At least I live right near his gym and can always get some teaching from him and his friends that he brings in for seminars (Florian, Lutter, etc)
4/7/09 12:19:19PM
he does seem like he starting to decline in the octagon...doesnt have the ko power he had over the years....great fighter and very underated...
4/7/09 5:47:06PM
i agree, he does seem to be decling in his later yearxs of his career.. but i think he has been a fantastic fighter, a great showman, and a great dude for the sport.. war jorge! an i wish him best in all of his future venture.
4/7/09 9:30:28PM
Jorge is no spring chicken. He is a very game competitior, dont get me wrong. He has had some very tough fights with tough guys and come out not on top but came away with all of their respect. Time catches us all and Jorge is looking for the best for his family. I appluad the man and wish him well after MMA.
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